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a_ / Gift Exchange

Role: Design, Art Direction, Icons, UX
Partner(s): Ben Vrazo, Dylan Meagher

I was brought on board to craft a user experience that was an easy-on-the-eyes complement to a collection of full frame videos. The videos were a backdrop for a fun social exercise aimed to get fans of Chevrolet into the holiday spirit while vying for prizes.

The game would cycle through prizes once a user logged-in via Facebook or Twitter. As a decision was being made whether to Keep It or Regift, a series of videos would play in the background. Gifts ranged from an Xbox One to paper Santa-beards and Coal Origami.

b_ / Icon Study, Baseball Card Functionality

Role: Design, Icons, UX
Partner(s): n/a
The task was to rethink the visual language of a vehicle’s specifications, statistics, and features (i.e. Baseball Card). Taking cues from Apple and Google, I styled new icons that are not only fun, but can hold their meaning in other cultures.

The icons are a small part of a system of informative blurbs that, through a tiled interface designed to be played with, can speak to a range of data. The idea was to have a responsive design that’s as entertaining for a user on a desktop computer as it would be on a mobile device.

Detroit Institute of Arts / Samurai: Beyond the Sword

Role: Design, Art Direction, Guitar Licks
Partner(s): Liz Newman, Joe Gielniak, Dave Graw, Derek Swanson

We had the opportunity to brand a samurai exhibit at the DIA. And since I’m an über-Kurosawa fan, I was pretty stoked. The lockup that I ended up with was influenced by the packaging on my Criterion Collection Kurosawa box set.

Our work included: print, web, social, radio, OOH, and even the huge banners that hung outside of the museum. In addition, here are a couple of the vignettes we did for the campaign.

Bonus: I learned how to play a Japanese scale on a guitar and it became a mini-themesong for the work.

Nestlé Waters / Category Growth

Role: Design, Art Direction
Partner(s): Dave Graw, Jim Feltz

Nestlé Waters wanted a video to fire up the sales division. And they wanted to stoke that fire with a ton of research results. We assimilated the information into categories that were then fleshed out with infographics. 

Even with injecting a (metric) ton of facts, the resulting product is still fun to watch.

Michicanery Craftsman Association / Branding

Role: Design, Branding
Partner(s): Glenn Phenicie
My bud Glenn is a tinkerer. He makes some crazy stuff out of wood. We branded his Instagram and his yet-to-be-launched YouTube channel.

Check him out here.


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